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Specialised Workshops (Tamil)

26 May / 9.30am – 12.30pm / The Hall, Annexe Building
Writing for Children (in Tamil)
By Era Natarasan, India 

Understanding the 3 basic elements is important for anyone who wants to write for children in Tamil.

First: What is the priority of a child-reader in Tamil today?
Second: How to build-up a child’s language structure in Tamil?
Third: What are the qualities needed to be successful in writing for children in Tamil?

This workshop is for beginners who wish to write for children. It will focus on how to develop writing skills. It will also highlight the art of creating stories and show how general information books and books on Science and History can be developed into adventure stories that children love to read. The participants will be given hands-on writing exercises that may well develop into the participants’ first book in Tamil for children!


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