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Specialised Workshops (in Mandarin)

26 May/ 2.00pm – 5.00pm/ The Hall, Annexe Building
Writing and Illustrating Picture Books (in Mandarin)
Open Category
By Low Joo Hong, Singapore

In this workshop, Joo Hong will be sharing his journey into picture book illustration. Participants will get to see many of his unpublished artworks and stories, and hear about his personal trials and tribulations as a picture book artist. Participants also stand to gain insights into the creative process behind the making of a picture book – from the inception of an idea to the finished product of a fully illustrated picture book. In addition, participants will get to experience first-hand on how to convey an idea through creative means, and the strategies artists use to make their artwork extra-ordinary.

中文绘画创作工作坊 – 公开组
刘 聚 洪, 新加坡


27 May / 2.00pm – 5.00pm / The Hall, Annexe Building
Writing and Illustrating Picture Books (in Mandarin)
For Parents & Children
By Ah Guo, Singapore

Ever wonder how a dummy picture-book is made? Or what fun would it be to hand-make one with your kids? Then don’t miss this simple workshop that let parents and their child spend quality time together, doing folding, scribbling, doodling, cutting and pasting activities to create a picture-book of their own. Participants will also learn about the basic idea of visual literacy, story-boarding and key concept in picture-book writing.

中文绘画创作工作坊 – 亲子组



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