Illustrating Picture Books

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Illustrating Picture Books

30 May / 10.00am – 6.00pm / Living Room
Illustrating Picture Books
by Marjorie van Heerdan, Author/Illustrator, South Africa, and Suzy Lee, Illustrator, Korea/Singapore

Marjorie and Suzy will examine the interplay of image and narrative in the construction of the picture book giving specific attention to compositional techniques, developing one’s personal style, and the creative process in illustrating text, through both exploring exemplars and sharing their own rich experience from an African and Asian perspective. The difference between an illustrated book as opposed to a true picture book will be detailed as well as the importance of the picture book for an older audience. They too will share their own negotiations of the marketplace with handy hints for getting work “out there.”

Class Details:

  • Words and pictures and the role of the artist
  • The basics of composition
  • Developing one’s own personal style
  • The creative illustrating process
  • Exploring exemplars
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