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Join the AFCC 2012’s Masterclasses and get this fantastic opportunity to take a peek into the wit, wonder and wisdom of some of the most celebrated experts in children’s literature today.

Whether you are just beginning the path towards publication, or are already well-established, the specialised language workshops and masterclasses offer an invaluable guide to the craft of writing and illustrating children’s book.

30 May / 10.00am – 6.00pm / The Hall, Annexe Building
Writing for Children
by Ruth Starke, Author, Australia, and Cynthea Liu, Author, USA 

Ruth and Cynthea will examine the creative/writing process, showing how to develop strong characters, maintain narrative suspense, detail the power of place and landscape in writing, cross genre and readership boundaries as well share their experiences of negotiating cultural perspectives and issues associated with the marketplace. Drawing on their rich experience of the Australian and USA markets and being award winners in their respective places, they are well experienced in writing young adult literature in changing times. They are look forward to encouraging course participants to be creative in an age of changing technologies, expectations and readership!

30 May / 10.00am – 6.00pm / Living Room
Illustrating Picture Books
by Marjorie van Heerdan, Author/Illustrator, South Africa, and Suzy Lee, Illustrator, Korea/Singapore

Marjorie and Suzy will examine the interplay of image and narrative in the construction of the picture book giving specific attention to compositional techniques, developing one’s personal style, and the creative process in illustrating text, through both exploring exemplars and sharing their own rich experience from an African and Asian perspective. The difference between an illustrated book as opposed to a true picture book will be detailed as well as the importance of the picture book for an older audience. They too will share their own negotiations of the marketplace with handy hints for getting work “out there.”

30 May / 10.00am – 6.00pm / Gallery
Editing Children’s Books: Turning Your Manuscript into a Bestseller
by Alvina Ling, Editorial Director, Little Brown Books, USA, and Sarah Odedina, Managing Director, Hot Key Books, UK

Alvina and Sarah will discuss all aspects of publishing a bestseller, focusing on the craft of writing. They will also give advice on how to get published, from getting an agent, to finding the right publisher, and beyond. Attendees will gain a strong understanding of how the children’s and teen publishing markets in the US and UK work.


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